• Procure to Pay Software

Problem statement: One of the biggest challenge for the MSME industries  today is not having a robust Procure to Pay software solution for their Procurement needs (where in they spend anywhere between 40 to 60% of their annual turnover) and managing the work through Excel & Word or other manual modes, which is not the ideal Procurement tool to manage our key resource which is “money”. We could visualize that, how hard it is to track and monitor such critical activities manually, without discounting errors during the transaction, which will affect our day to day work very badly and needless to say, the potential it has to impact our cash flow and tarnish our brand image as well. One of the primary reason of not using such Procure to Pay automation is the affordability factor, as  many of us live with a myth  that, the market doesn’t provide a very cost effective, yet robust solution to meet their needs. However, there are always exceptions and we are one among them.  

Solution: We pitch ourselves here as a pioneer in this domain and our l=cloud based licensed subscription model ensures that, this is 100% doable. Hence, we have tied up with “Tradogram” who is one of the leading Procure to pay software developers in North America and based out of Ottawa, Canada to offer digital solutions to improve the efficiency and transparency for the entire ecosystem, needless to say to bring in more savings as well. All these can be executed at a very affordable and irresistible price, keeping  the Total Cost of Ownership at the lowest and ensures piece of mind to the leadership team and business as well. 

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  • Process Improvement

We follow, one size doesn’t fit all approach. Offering solutions to the present Supply chain challenges in the industry with a tailor-made solution for each client, yet cost effective to eliminate the challenges we face today, thereby improving efficiency.

Our attention to detail in capturing the data and associated improvements at each stage will pave the way for further enhancements.